U16 Boys needed for new Super 2 team.
Must be experienced and ready to train hard.
Contact Coach Luis Perez for more info.
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I am proud to say that our Spring 2012 season the S.A. Arsenal won 6 out of 8 games.  We ended up competing in the finals and it was a very good experience for the boys.  Our first finals game was against the top team, and we lost 2-1.
Our second game was against the third ranked team which we won 5-0.  My greatest satisfaction as a coach was too easily defeat an expensive club with paid trainers.  Our last game was a very challenging game due to exhausted  and injured players with no subs and we ended up l
SA Arsenal won their first game of the season.  The boys look good and we will see how they do tomorrow.

Arsenals will resume pre-season training beginning Jan 21st at John James park.  Pre-Season training is free and open to players between the ages of 13-15.

_Get ready for the 2012
Spring Soccer Season

Free Training Days:
Saturday December 3, 10, and 17 from 10AM-11:30AM
Roosevelt high school located on 5110 Walzem Road San Antonio Tx, 78218 (Training location may change).

Our training will resume after the holidays on January 7. 

contact  Luis E. Perez for more information
The Spring Soccer Season is coming soon!
S.A. Arsenal is offering FREE Training for the upcoming Spring Season during the months of January through March.

McAllister Park, Upper Bee Tree Fields

Mondays 6:30pm-8pm & Saturdays 11am-1pm

SA Arsenal is looking for new players for all positions.
12-14yolds for the Fall Season/U14.
Contact Coach Luis for more info len11919@sbcglobal.net
This FALL season we are playing DIV III due to several factors:
  • new players
  • not having enough players for DIV II
I was unsure whether or not it would be an good experience for the boys.  Last season we did not win any games, but the kids played very well.  I did not want to play DIV II again with new players with little experience.  So far this season we have:
1 Loss against U14 (we are a U13 team, I was afraid that this season would be a repeat of the last season)
1 Tie against another U14 team.  In the last 5 min of the game the other team made a gol due to our goalies mistake.  This game was encouraging because the kids played better and they were not afraid of the bigger team.  There was a big improvement from the first game.  I also adjusted the lines of the team and it seemed to have helped them improve.
2 Wins
The 3rd game was against U13, same age as our team.  I finally got to see how our team plays against kids their own age.  It was a very good game for the Arsenal.  We completely dominated the game in the first half, we were taking many shots at the goal, about 10 shots.  The other team was not reaching our goal due to our strong defense.  Topi started to learn how to play the midfield position and eventually he will be a good midfielder.  He gave good passes, communicated well and began to control the ball in the air.  Our left and right wing was approaching, shooting and sometimes crossing the ball.  It was just a matter of time till the ball went in.  The most exciting thing was that in the 2nd half the opponent team reached our goal twice and scored twice, the score was 2-1, then 3-1 and I thought at that moment that the Arsenal were going to give up but this is the first time that our kids did not get demoralized by the score and they began to play harder and overcame the opponent 5-3 but the ref did not count one goal so the score was 4-3. 
Our 4th game was a rainy, cold game.  Our opponent had to forfeit because they did not have enough players and their coach was not there.  They also were a U14 team, they were bigger and faster but they did not know how to play.  We only had 6 players and 30 minutes later the rest of the other team arrived and we decided to scrimmage.  They had 8 kids on the field and we had 6, I also decided to play with my team to even the things out a bit.  Our kids were communicating, passing the ball and we were reaching the other side and shooting the ball.  Max Lerma, right defender, began to move all the way to the forward position and making himself open, he did this several times so I passed the ball to him, and he shot the ball exactly the way we practiced and hit the goal post once or twice.  Topi was also moving up from mid filed position but the ball was taken from him pretty easily since he is slower.  He did get open 2 or 3 times and got some good shots at the goal, he figured out that he needed to be faster.  He did score once but the ref did not count it.  I am begging to see the confidence of the new players and the kids are starting to know each other and they are playing much better soccer than the other teams we have played so far and I am very happy for that.  The score was 2-0.


The kids were fired up to play and the parents were expecting to see the kids play, so we went ahead and played the U13 Eagles.  Our kids gave a heck of a fight!  Our boys are finally understanding the game and I am very very proud of them.  They did not back down, even when they were getting knocked around, they did not back down.
I have informed the league of the U13 team and I am looking into it; if we will have to face them again. 

The game against the Eagles was very similiar to the game we played against the Tigres.  The Eagles had one tall kid who dribbled the ball from their defense line to the Arsenal goal, he did this twice.  The question is; Is that playing soccer- one player doing everything?  To me that is silly and is not really playing.  The teams that play this "style" of soccer are not learning how to play the game. 

On the other hand, we may have lost our first games, but our kids are learning how to truly play soccer.  The way to protect our kids against any team, is to teach them practical soccer, which is the European style.  Every single player holds the ball for 2 or 3 seconds this way you do not get injured: the 1-2 pass.  Our kids should only dribble when there is space, once the opponent approaches, you give the pass to avoid contact.  This prevents injury.

In the second half of the game, Jonathan stopped the Eagles cold, because he was playing the sweeper position.  Jonathan has been playing this position for a very long time and really knows that position.
3 things that he did very well:
he communicated with the defense, especially the goalie
he pushed the defense up which caused the Eagles to be outside
he did not allow players to pass him and he pushed the ball all the way to the other side of the field.


I am very proud of the Arsenal boys, we went against one of the best teams in the league, and 50% of our players are brand new, but we gave a tremendous fight.

The Arsenal played at the same level as the Crush.  We lost because the Crush was a little faster than our boys and more agressive. 

I saw Elijah charge towards the ball from the defense line all the way to the midfield and caught the ball with his head and drove the ball forward.   This is an example of how our boys can play if they just play with more concentration.

Also Alex impressed me today as goalie.  He was more relaxed and made some good stops.

The main mistakes started with the midfielders, they are not maintaining their positions, when the midfielders move towards the defense line, they allow our opponent to play on our side because the midfield is no longer holding their ground.  It also causes our forwards to move back.

 We made small errors in the defense line, due to lack of practice  this was the reason the Crush made so many goals against us.  Arsenal needs to remember, Do Not Let The Ball Bounce.  The only goal that impressed me was the 3rd goal; a shot from the left side of the field; a Crush player ran and shot with his left, a beautiful shot.  The game could have been 1-0 instead of 4-0 (Crush win), if not for our defensive errors. 

Remember: When we lose it is a team loss and we take it as a team.

Reagan was the only Arsenal who was a match for the tall #11.  I saw 3 or 4 times in which Reagan was just 2 steps behind #11 and Reagan was able to take the ball from him.
If all the kids play as Reagan, playing 1-1, the Arsenal can neutralize a team like the Crush.
Way to go Reagan!!!!!!

S.A. Arsenal Youth Soccer Club